Α) FI.BA filter  –  TOKIO filter

Our perennial cooperation with O.E. filter manufacturers guarantees for the very high quality of the filters of our company.

All the manufacturers of our products are certified with ISO/TS 16949

We guarantee that all our filters, “FI.BA filter” and “TOKIO filter”, are manufactured under the strictest quality standards and they do not show any damage as long as their use is made properly.However, if there is a defective part, we take t he responsibility for the restoration of the damage.

B) FI.BA Brake Pad

The factory that manufactures the brake pads FI.BA Brake Pad” is in Korea and it is the biggest brake pads manufacturer and (O.E.) supplier.

The manufacturing quality of  FI.BA Brake Pads is certified with:

  1. QS 9000 Certified
  2. ISO 14001 Certified
  3. TS 16949 Certified
  4. E-Mark Certified


The 1st GREEK COMPANY AS “Tec Doc Data Supplier”

FI.BA has signed a contract with “Tec Alliance GmbH” and now its products, “FI.BA filter“, “TOKIO filter” and “FI.BA Brake Pad“, are connected with the Tec Doc Catalog.

FI.BA is the first Greek company of the Tec Doc Catalog, which connects its products with the biggest database of  spare parts information in the world.


Our company is also certified according to the EN ISO 9001:2008 Management Systems- Requirements based on the procedures of TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD) S.A.